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When I Woke Up This Morning! (Mandates)

"And above all things, keep loving one another in perfect harmony." Colossians 3:14

Good morning my brothers and sisters. Please take time to listen to the State of the Union Address tonight. There is so much unrest in the world today that we just need to stay abreast of what is transpiring. See today’s message below:

A word that has been used more than usual over the last two years is mandate. When we were informed that there was a pandemic over two years ago, local and national governments began putting mandates in place for the safety of all people. People all over the world were dying by the thousands every day due to the coronavirus. Because of so many unknowns, we were advised initially to stay home and stay off the high ways. Travel was even limited to the state in which we lived. I share this just to jog our memories and to reflect on how much progress we have made since a vaccine was made.

A very simple and common definition of mandate according to the Oxford dictionary is an official order or commission to do something. 

As time went on, mandates were put into place. Some people adhered to the mandates and some chose not to. Some felt and still feel that their freedoms were being violated. To this day I have not been able to fully understand or wrap my head around why so many people refused the mandate that suggested that everyone wear a mask. It just made common sense to me that if something would prevent me from dying, I would adhere to it. After doctors and others began to have a better understanding of the virus, we were advised to maintain social distance, wash our hands and wear mask. Again, it just made common sense to do each of the above due to limited knowledge and for the prevention of the spread of the disease. Just imagine the lives that could have been saved if we would have adhered to the CDC Guidelines from the beginning of this dreadful disease. It was unconscionable to believe that reports were being made that loved ones were dying in the homes of family members, yet they still refused to adhere to mandates and guidelines. Some even believed it was a hoax and refused to take the vaccine because someone in a position of authority declared it a hoax, even though they took the vaccine. 

Over the last few weeks, we have received all types of reports from local and national leaders that mask mandates are being lifted. In some jurisdictions it is optional for students to wear masks. The point I wish to make in this writing is that human beings with a little intellect should be able to make a wise decision regarding wearing a mask. As for me and my household, we will continue to wear a mask when going into buildings. We must be reminded that vaccinated persons are susceptible to testing positive for the virus, but the symptoms are not as severe. 

All over the news today it is being reported that the mask mandate is being lifted. Even the White House has dropped the mask mandate before President Biden makes his State of the Union Address tonight. In some places effective today, the requirement that unvaccinated individuals mask in indoor public settings will move to a strong recommendation that all persons, regardless of vaccine status, continue indoor masking.

We must remember that mandates are put in place as a means of protecting members of society, regardless of whether they are republicans or democrats.

There are mandates in the bible that we have never totally accepted or adhered to, so I don’t know why it is such a surprise to know that so many are refusing to man-made mandates. Let’s take a look at a mandate from God to Joshua 1:9 in the Bible to be courageous, strong and not afraid. It has been said that all Christians have the strength, the power, the wisdom, the insight and the ability to do all God wants us to do. Yet, so often we fail and fall short and disobey God to our detriment.

I would consider all of God’s laws or commands mandates for humankind. Just imagine how wonderful this world would be if we simply embraced the mandate or commands of God: “Love each other as I have loved you” John 15:12. “Do everything in love.” 1 Corinthians” 16:14. And above all things, keep loving one another in perfect harmony Colossians 3:14. What a wonderful world this would be, but as we look even back to the Old Testament, disobedience against God was a common affair.

Disobedience against God’s mandates and man’s is still a common occurrence. Let’s put forth a concerted effort in doing a better job in being our brother’s keeper. If we did, what a better world this would be.

Not a sermon, just my thoughts!   

Robert Earl Slade, Pastor       

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