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When I Woke Up This Morning! (Slow Down)

“Desire without knowledge is not good, and whoever makes haste with his feet misses his way.” Proverbs 19:2 ESV

Do you ever find yourself rushing to the point that it causes you to make some serious unnecessary mistakes? Most of us reading this message would probably agree that slowing down would benefit and profit us tremendously. Those of us who are maturing in age understand that the mind, muscles, and other parts of the body will automatically slow down for us at some point. Most of us are probably familiar with the saying, “Haste makes waste” indicating that rushing can lead to costly mistakes.   

This article is written to encourage all of us to simply slow down. Recently, I realized that if I had slowed down, I would not have put myself in a very uncomfortable, compromising, and unsafe situation.  Slowing down may just prevent us from creating an unnecessary life-threatening accident.

Just a few days ago, I observed a driver who was in a big hurry, speeding and passing other cars on double yellow lines and on the shoulder of the highway. He came to a four way stop, but slowed down, but kept through the stop sign. An oncoming vehicle barely missed hitting him. This could have been a very serious accident caused by his being in a big hurry.

Are we beginning to overload our schedules to the point that pressure causes us to put ourselves on the fast tract? Maybe it is time we start pacing ourselves so that we might be able to inhale and exhale freely throughout the day.

Ask yourselves the questions below and if you answer yes, it may be time to slow down.       

  1. Did you rush out of the house and leave your cell phone? We have become so dependent on cell phones that we can barely do without them.
  2. Did you leave home trying to make that appointment and left the burner on the stove on?
  3. Have you ever been to the shopping center, gone into the store and left the car engine going?
  4. Have you gotten dressed for work, gotten to your car and realized you didn’t have your shoes on?
  5. Have you been looking for your glasses and you find them on your face?
  6. Have you been late for your next appointment and gotten a speeding ticket or a red-light camera caught you?

It may sound like we are getting a little forgetful, but I believe we can attribute some of our mistakes to being in too big of a hurry.

There are some people who are relocating to areas where life is simpler and slower. This may be good for some, but others may become miserable because things move so much slower.

Let’s put forth a concerted effort to walk more slowly, talk more slowly, drive more slowly, eat more slowly, react negatively more slowly, etc.

If we are familiar with scripture, we realize that Jesus was never in a hurry. He wasn’t in a hurry to start his earthly ministry. He was not in a hurry to bring calm to a storm while in a boat. He was not in a hurry to get to his dear friend Lazarus, even though he knew Lazarus was dying. Jesus often slowed down with his disciples to rest and take a break. Let’s do the same.

If you are too busy to live a healthy life, you need to slow down. If you do not have time for God in your schedule, it is time to slow down. If you are too busy to spend time with the people you love, you need to slow down. If you are always anxious, slow down. If you drive like an idiot, slow down.    

Slowing down may reduce your chance of having a heart attack!         

Just my thoughts!

Robert E. Slade, Pastor

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